legal jobsLegal jobs are some of the most popular and most in demand jobs nowadays. The legal industry is fast growing, making it open for more room for individuals to be part of the business.

There are various legal jobs that one can choose from. They can range from entry-level jobs such as court messenger, file clerk and legal receptionist to high-ranking positions such as being a lawyer, litigation support directors and trial consultants. The legal industry itself promises a steady and lucrative income, but of course it requires more skills and higher education as the job responsibilities increase.

Completing legal education might take a person several months to seven years. This will depend on what position one is hoping for. However, people can try entry-level legal jobs for the meantime as they wait to finish their law school education. This is also advantageous since they are earning money as well as experience through this.

One of the most common entry-level legal jobs is being a court messenger. He is the one who files all the documents in the court, delivers important files to the defendant’s counsel, as well as running other errands that are vital to a law firm or trial teams.

law schoolAnother one is a document coder, who plays an important role in large-scale litigation process. He is the one who reviews and encodes the documents so they will be easily sorted and retrieved during the court trial. Being a document coder can be a good stepping-stone in becoming part of another large and fast-growing industry called litigation support.

If somebody wants to be a legal secretary or a paralegal, being a legal receptionist can prepare him for those said positions. Legal receptionists are the ones in-charge in greeting visitors, answering calls, scheduling and a lot more. This position is a good training ground especially for those who are hoping to have a good and high-paying legal job.

However, if one has successfully finished his legal education, he can easily be part of a law firm. A lot of legal jobs are available in a law firm like managing partner, law firm partners or shareholders, associates and of counsel.

Managing partners are the ones in-charge of the day-to-day operations of the whole law firm. They are also considered to be the ones on top of the law firm, since they are mostly the guides to the firm’s vision and mission. Partners, on the other hand, are considered as the law firm’s shareholders. The partnership structure can usually be divided into equity (has share on the law firm’s profit) and non-equity (has fixed salary). The third one is being an associate. They are the law firm lawyers who can later on be promoted into the firm’s partners. Lastly, the of counsel attorneys are the ones work for the firm under an independent contractor basis.

The legal industry is huge and it offers a lot of opportunities for everyone. Hard work and perseverance will be the deciding factor in the end.

Debt Assist is living up to its name as it offers help and assistance for all those people who are facing debts through debt consolidation. This is very helpful since statistics have shown that a lot of people have been facing debts especially in times like this

Debt consolidation is the easiest solution that is opted by people who are in debt. It entails getting a loan to pay the others. This is advisable to be done by those who are in debt because with this, you can secure a lower interest rate or a fixed interest rate. This is also the best way to avoid filing bankruptcy

There are two kinds of debt consolidation solutions being offered by Debt Assist—debt consolidation by refinancing the mortgage and debt consolidation by debt agreement. In debt consolidation by refinancing by mortgage, a house can serve as a collateral for the loan. On the other hand, in debt consolidation by debt agreement, the debtor proposes to the creditor that he will be repaying all his debts in a rate that he can afford. To make things easier, Debt Assist also offers debt restructure that will help the debtor to learn more about his options or the actions he can possibly do to assess his current financial situation. The solution that will be recommended to you will depend on the circumstances you are facing

Debt Assist offer two different debt agreement proposals ( see below )

  • Part 9 debt agreement
  • Part IX debt agreement

Debt Assist also offers free consultation so all those people who are interested to inquire can easily try it out. It is an unwritten rule that if you are in debt, you should not be afraid to ask for help. In this way, you can take control of the situation more.

A huge increase in demand for legal temp staff has seen Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment’s application numbers rise significantly in 2011. According to recruiters hired by the firm “things have never been busier in the legal industry”, and busy lawyers are scrambling to cover the workload, hiring temporary staff en mass.

Of course, Kaleidoscope Legal recruitment finds itself in the perfect position to take advantage of this situation, being Australia’s number one boutique law firm, focused primarily on recruiting temporary legal staff and administrative paralegals for law firms in desperate need of skilled short-term staff members

Ober|Kaler, a law firm with over 120 staff and offices situated in Falls Church, Virginia; Washington, DC; and Baltimore, Maryland, recently got a nomination for the Award in Excellence for Healthcare Law. Ober|Kaler is one of the just five law firms nominated for the Chambers USA Awards for 2011.

Being nominated for the Chambers USA Awards not a new thing for Ober|Kaler. The Health Law Group of said firm has been nominated since 2005. It is said that Chambers USA finds Ober|Kaler Health Group “as a leader in the representation of clients ranging from hospitals, health systems and physicians to health care management and biotech companies.

Ober Kaler Law Firm

Nominations from Chambers is an honour since the organisation recognises a firm’s exceptional achievements in certain practices. Some factors taken into consideration for the award nominations are growth, service to the clients, and excellent work.

Mr. Teplitzky, Co-Chair for Ober|Kaler Health Law Group, says that they not only need to know the law. They also ensure that they analyse data and come up with the best possible ways to help their clients in the fastest and most appropriate manner.

Chambers has a staff of 100 researchers who are highly committed to identifying the leading law firms and lawyers all over the world. Research is done by interviewing thousands of clients and lawyers. Rankings are assessed through a series of criteria which the clients value. For over twenty years, Chamers USA has been considered ass the most credible and reliable source of directories for the legal department

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Plunkett & Shakespeares Solicitors was founded in 1853 when Mr. Plunkett and Mr. William Shakespeare entered a partnership with each other. Through the years, the law firm has merged with several other prestigious law firms and has served both the business and private clients. In 2011, the firm was renamed Shakespeares and has over 420 staff and has 5 offices located all across the Midlands. Shakespeares is included in the UK Top 80 law firm

Ian Cranefield, associate solicitor of aforementioned law firm, reminds advisers to take proper and necessary actions to ensure that elders are not taken advantage of when the latter are making final decisions like inheritance planning. According to Mr. Cranefield, it is best to ask the elderly about their requests to make certain changes in their wills. The Shakespeare associate solicitor adds that reversing suspicious alterations in inheritance issues can be possibly reversed if such changes are spotted early

There are some cases where famiy members abuse their parents, especially where inheritance is concerned. In this regard, Tony Byrne says that instructions regarding wills are taken directly from the clients and away from the presence of the children. He adds that he and his colleagues have not had issues with family members abusing their clients. Although he is aware that such incidents do happen. He further notes that it is important not to take inheritance planning instructions from someone who seems not capable of signing the necessary documents. Tony Bryne is the financial planning director of Wealth and Tax Management, an independent financial planning specialist based in Buckinghamshire

Aitken Partners Merge with John Matthies & CO

According to Matthies, they have been approached several times for a merger by several law firms in their 36 years of operating in the business. It was only until the proposed merger between Aitken Partners and John Matthies & Co. did the latter find the right firm to merge with. John Matthies adds that his firm has several similarities with Aitken Partners in terms of insolvency and litigation, commercial, and property work. He further notes that the decision to merge was easy because of their similarities with culture and clients.

Andrew Blogg, managing partner for Melbourne Lawyers Aitken Partners, agrees that the similarities between the 2 law firms is an important factor for the merger. He adds that the firm has been very particular in its activities, especially when mergers are involved.

Aitken Partners services cater to both the private and business clientele. They offer their expertise on dispute resolution, workplace relations, wills, commercial, and family law, among other things. With the merger, John Matthies & Co. adds extra knowledge to the merger where finance and banking laws are concerned.

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